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Help with epost bill

I'm trying to decode my epost bill. When I receive my bill through epost, it shows - numbers changed slightly to protect my privacy... Total amount due: 58 Total current charges: 116 Previous charges brought forward: 57 Amount due if received by sept: 58 When I look at my bill in self server, it shows that I owe $57. This doesn't line up with my epost bill, and although I'm paying my bill monthly (Amount due if received by), I always seem to be having a charge brought forward.

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Hey there George! The bill was already processed when you made the payment, so therefore its not going to reflect on an already processed bill but it will reflect on your current balance on your self serve account. hope this helps 😃
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If you're paying your account through banking, it takes a few business days to process. So if you transfer money that way exactly on the due date, then it might have gotten missed and then the payment gets reflected on the following bill, hence the previous charges brought forward.