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Help with credit of $15/ free G for 1 month

I have a Nexus 4, I was speaking to Abraham @ Koodoo via phone. He assured me I had $15 credit, my ebill came in for $69 and change. He also had given me an extra G of data. I can't access my Koodoo acct. to view my bill as to why the credit wasn't applied. He was also sending me a manual and I haven't received it as of yet. My phone still does not pick up internet without it saying connection lost or retry connection. Please help as I do not know whom to believe Abraham or my ebill and I want help with this phone please and thank you Raenae Adams

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I'm affraid we can'T help you becasue we, as a community, can't acess your bill from the community. Maybe the bill will apply for the next month? Maybe your should try a hard reset of your phone (take battery + SIM out)?
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Call koodo tech support