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Help new to koodo... How to step up my online billing

Hey, I just checked online and got my monthly bill, I get my pay check at the end of the month, so I wanted to know is how to step up my online billing with my debit card or how can I just go to the bank and pay my bill???? I'm with TD bank(in Canada ) I'm new to koodo and I'm on a 2 year contract I get my next bill October 5th is it better to pay both bills at the same time. I just need help 😞 as well after I pay my bills can I cancel if so how. Thank you

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Hi there... You can log into your Self Serve account and under the billing TAB you can change your pre-authorized payments, there you will be able to set it up for Credit Card, check your bills, change your plan, check your usage and WAY more... For the first bill i will suggest you a manual payment since when you register your account for pre-authorized payment it may take a Full billing cycle... Also, make sure you pay your bill before the due date, each bill will have a different due date, so don't wait to pay 2 at the same time... Feel free to ask the community, hundreds of people are ready to answer... WELCOME!!!
^_^ Thanks, I can just go to the bank in person to pay my first bill instead of online. Sorry if I sound so out of it 😳 what do I take my account number for koodo???
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Hey Audrey, your account number will be located under the "Billing" tab.

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