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hallo my name is Baldev Sandhu and i forget my pin number and my passworld to login to se my bill because i did not reseve my bill i starded on 6 march and end yestoday please help me

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Unfortunately Baldev we cant help you here, this is a customer driven forum. Best way to get help for this situation is by calling Koodo's Customer service by dialling *611 from your Koodo phone. They will ask you personal questions and you must answer them correctly, otherwise, they will ask you to go in a Koodo Shop (Corporate) to verify your identity with a valid I.D. The rep will then call in to channel support to let them know and they will be able to tell you what your PIN number is.
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You may try the Forgot Password link, then you will prompted to answer some questions that you set up yourself, if you answer them you will be granted access again.... Then if after trying still no access, then you may call to get a temporary password...
TKS 🙂 for the answer.
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Damanpreet Sandhu wrote:

TKS 🙂 for the answer.

your welcome man