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Help figuring out plan change charges?

Hi everyone! If im currently on the $60 double data promo plan and would like to switch down to the $45 double data promo (for financial reasons) how much would it cost me roughly to change my plan? I have 13 days left till my next billing cycle I would just like to know how they calculate this? Thanks!

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$60 / 30 x 13 = $26.00 your prorated credit $45 / 30 x 13 = $19.50 your prorated charged. So your next bill will show: -$26 $19.50 $45
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If you want the plan changed right away, they would credit you the 13 days you did not have the $60 plan and charge the 13 days you had the $45 plan. That is called proration. There is no charge to change your plan if you use Self Serve. If you were to call Koodo to change the plan, there is as $10 fee to do so.
ok thanks guys for answering so quickly!