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Heading to another Country, need to cancel my plan

I am going to be studying in Ireland and was wondering if, with a koodo plan and if I pay off the phone, I can just cancel it after 3 or 4 months with no charge? I would also need to get it unlocked from the company so I can bring it overseas and get a plan there.

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Hi there... You could request your cancellation at any time, you will need to pay your current TAB and your final bill should include only overages if any and the TAB. If you need to unlock your phone, is possible, you could request this at any time prior cancelling the account, there is a 50$ charge that will apply...
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You can request a seasonal hold for $15 a month so you can retain your #. this would be good for up to 6 months at which point you can call Koodo to resume your services. You can also transfer the ownership to someone else if you don't wish to be responsible for it. If you cancel any tab balance owing will be billed out.