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Has anyone else not received their Koodo bill for two months?

The last Koodo bill I was sent was on January 14th. Since then I have received Koodo communication (an accidental email, an apology for the accidental email on prepaid plans, and a survey link), but even searching through my spam folders I have not been sent a bill since then. I changed my plan part way through February (added a roaming package) so I am wondering if that might have mixed up my billing? I have emailed koodo about this but I was wondering whether anyone else has encountered this. I went on self serve and i am looking at about 8 days of late charges now, and I am quite upset that I was never notified about my outstanding bill (or even of the bill in the first place)

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Regardless if you receive a notification or not, you are responsible for pay your bill on time. Your ebill is always available on self serve. I have received my notification every month with no exception. Maybe you deleted it or filed it into a folder and forgot?
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You mean, the notifications that your bill is ready? Check online to see if your notification is still set up properly. We got ours no problem. You can always see your bill though just log into your account.
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Any time there's a plan change with a recurrent-billing supplier (satellite, phone, etc.), it's just good policy to verify that the requested modifications have been properly accounted for by logging into self-serve. My internet supplier is infamous for billing and crediting back and forth a few times when they "execute" a plan change, though the folks on the phone claim SNAFU. Tough to beg for mercy or to correct a mistake once you are past due....
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Like dennis said, it's a notification. It isn't your actual bil you receive via email. You can ALWAYS check your bill at any time on self-serve. It's ultimately your responsibility to pay your bill on-time because you know you get billed once a month.