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i see charges under group charges that includes a number of which i have no knowledge. I am a recent user , over from Wind , so can this charge be reversed and/or explained?

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If this is your first bill, then it's called proration. Just as an example, let's say you activated on October 2nd but your billing cycle date is today (the 8th). Generally your rate plan is divided by 30 days and then multiplied by the # of days between the activation date and your cycle date... so you will see charges from October 2nd to the 8th and then the full month (October 8th to November 8th). Go to page 3 of your bill to see if there was anything out of the ordinary, like extra data usage or going over minutes, etc.
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only if you call koodo and ask. nobody on this forum can pull up your billing information.
If you transferred over from Wind, its likely the number and charges you see is the phone number the system assigned to you before the port was processed in the event you ported your number over. Even if its for a day, you'll see a small charge or "proration" because according to the system that number was an active number even if it was for a couple hours.
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Joey Giguere wrote:

If you transferred over from Wind, its likely the number and charges you see is the phone number ...

Hi Joey, whenever a customer ports in his number, he is not assigned a temporary number until the port is completed (it's usually very fast). A proration will occur though because the activation day never matches the first day of the billing cycle, as Jonathan explained. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
this tread coming from a person who never had a koodo account lol nice try howard , btw koodo can see and do monitor these treads as it is on there site hahahahaaha
Thanks for your kind words Trevor. You know nothing of the particulars, but go ahead and play the clown and earn your points, and I will continue to seek a solution to a misunderstanding without your help. Unless i am mistaken, the purpose of forums like this is to help people find solutions, not provide a soapbox for bullies and time wasters. Now, you run along and have a great day, and hopefully koodo will monitor your input and give you lots of well earned brownie points. Get a life.
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Hi there, I'll close this thread now. No needs to reactivate this old one, specially since a new one has been created yesterday. Thank you.