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I was told that as a government employe, we had discounts on the cellphone plans ?

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Only Loblaws and Walmart employees get a discount, as do reps who work at Koodo shops or their resellers like Mobile Shop, Best Buy/Future Shop, London Drugs, etc. There are no corporate or government plans.
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Not true. Government employees pay the same rate as anyone else. Students, seniors and all. No discrimantion. 🙂
Yet Telus and Rogers seem to have preferential plans ... Wonder if it pays to shop around on this basis. It's not because of any perceived superiority, simply a way to identify the degree of credit-worthiness of major employers. Costco looks for the same sort of "employment stability" before they let you join.
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I think it's because Koodo is a flanker brand aimed at general consumers, not government employees. Robellus generally has the contracts/codes for those kinds of plans. They wouldn't give it to their sub brands.
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What Jon said is very true, Koodo isn't even aimed at business or corporate users either. It's something for the everyday Canadian.