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Getting incorrect data roaming changes

  • 28 June 2020
  • 1 reply

I live in Victoria, which is at the very tip of Vancouver Island and below the 49th parallel so sometimes my phone connects to American networks. I am getting charged data roaming fees when I haven’t even left my city let alone the country. I paid the $10 charge once because I couldn’t get through to a rep and didn’t want to get late charges for not paying my bill on time. I refuse to pay it again. The chat assist is of zero help. Highly frustrating.

1 reply

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It is the issue with the phone signal selection. It would choose the best cellularnetwork available. Since Koodo postpaid customer is automatically subcribed to US roaming, your phone would choose the an us network if the us carrier signal was stronger than Koodo. You could try to disable automatic network selection in your network settings. Set it to manual and select Koodo. (you might have to do it again if you restart the phone or reset network settings of the phone). That could help. 

Regarding contacting Koodo, I would suggest you send message to their facebook via messenger https://www.facebook.com/Koodo and ask a rep there to refund you the accidental roaming charges. You could  ask about the previous charge refund as well.