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Frustrated with 1200$ charges

  • 18 April 2020
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We have a 17 year old son who has a learning disability. He is a recipient of Community Living in our city. We have had several family plans with Koodo since at least 2010. Yesterday, I received my monthly bill from Koodo through my e-mail. My wife and I were both in shock when we seen the total for last month. It was over $1500. I went on self serve and all of the extra data charges were related to his telephone number. We have wifi at home and he has 12Gb of data available on his phone plan. As I scrolled through these extra charges, I seen some even as high as $225 each for Application Store Services. I looked further and found out that these charges were each $15 per event. My wife and I each have access and permission over any purchases to his phone and that we are suppose to receive a text regarding overages of $100 charged to his account. We never received anything until we received our monthly statement. I tried calling Koodo ( coronavirus pandemic) and then tried Koodo Assist with no concrete answers to these Application Store Service Charges or how they became so extravagantly high and out of control. Frustration is mounting very high as I am laid off du to the coronavirus and as many of our fellow Canadians, our funds have been limited due to this pandemic. We are on a very tight budget and definitely cannot afford this $1500 cell phone bill.

3 replies

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So what happened, did he purchase all these apps? Perhaps a prepaid account for him might be more manageable… that way he can’t invoke costs. I am not sure if anything can be done, since you as parents are responsible for any purchases made, but you could try to send a private message to Koodo on Facebook and discuss your options.

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To my recollection, Application Store Services charges are not internal to Koodo, but billed to them from a third party. There may be little they can do, outside of data charges relief.


I second Sophia’s suggest of prepaid service.


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I found an old post: https://community.koodomobile.com/iphone-81489/application-store-service-7571845

It appears you will need to dispute the charge(s) with the company that sold you the service. As David said, Koodo only passes on the charge as an intermediary. You can check page 3 and further of your invoice to see who the service was purchased from.