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Flex plans for not only data!


So most people know data usage in the wireless world is only going to increase, and while its sad to see swaths of Canadians being unfairly targeted with higher data usage costs. Its not all bad across Canada, but its really annoying and disheartening to see pretty much every company treat the provinces vastly different when it comes to data prices. 

Beyond that some companies have a flex system for when a customer doesn't want to constantly pay for 2GB of data, but wants to pay based on what they use. ie ( $5 - 500MB, $15 - 1GB, $25 - 2GB, $35 - 3.5GB, etc.) Most of these options are only offered on plans with unlimited talk/text, which is great, but what about those people that know they almost never call/text and mainly use data? I'm willing to bet those people (and I'd think their is a bunch of them) would love to see a way to lower their bill a tad by having a call/text flex plan. 

Basically work it exactly like the flex for data, Buckets of calls, buckets of text and buckets of data going all the way up to your current prices for unlimited everything. (The top plan would cost the same and have the same features as the current top plan.) 

This might lessen the backlash to you guys upping your plans prices and lowering your data, if people could save some money based on what they use. 

Still won't excuse the fact that you still allow different provinces to get plans like $55 (Unlimited Talk/Text + 5GB) while charge Ontario $74 for (2GB)

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There would need to be a minimum requirement though, right?
Well the minimum would be if you used the minimum in each tier (Talk/Text/Data), probably something like $15/month. 50mb - 50 min - 100 text for example = $15/month (all these values are *up to* this amount, ie. from 0min to 50min) Here's a break down of the different Tiers, people come in and say they'd like to go on the Flex plan which means they are billed on their usage. *All plans come with VM/CD/Evening/Weekend* Call Tier: 50 - $5 150 - $15 300 - $25 300+ - $30 Text Tier: 100 - $5 250 - $10 500 - $15 500+ - $20 Data Tier: 50mb - $5 1GB - $15 3GB - $30 5GB - $40 After 5GB $10 per GB Usage Scenario (Using myself as a test) 60 min - 200 text - 2.7GB = $15 + $10 + $30 = $55/month Max Flex Plan (Disregarding using over 5GB) $30 + $20 + $40 = $90 (A far cry from the same exact plan for $55 in Manitoba/Sask) And to be honest, you could still offer all your current plans in addition to this one. Because not everyone is going to be willing to have a different bill amount each month.
Does not work with Koodo's current tab system. Also, I doubt anyone would be happy with paying $15 for 500 text messages, when messaging is unlimited in all plans. Even when it was an addon, unlimited messaging was only $5.
KaneSlavik wrote:

Does not work with Koodo's current tab system. Also, I doubt anyone would be happy with paying...

wow Kane, give the guy a break..he wants flex voice. I think the whole point of voicing an idea is to bring about change. not simply say it doesn't work with existing functionality.
KaneSlavik wrote:

Does not work with Koodo's current tab system. Also, I doubt anyone would be happy with paying...

Sorry to bring reality into the idea, but KaneSlavik has a point. All of the plans have Unlimited messaging(text and picture). Paying per text is SO 2006. Hell, the promo $29 plan gives 200 Canada Wide minutes, pay per use data, unlimited evenings and weekends after 5pm, Unlimited Texting, Call Display, Voicemail...all on the Small Tab. Voice plans are inherently flex anyhow. You get X amount of minutes, and pay for use afterwards. Pick a plan that suits your phone usage.
KaneSlavik wrote:

Does not work with Koodo's current tab system. Also, I doubt anyone would be happy with paying...

that is not flex? that is an overage cost... flex means that when you go above a certain usage you are billed at next bracket. I do agree with the point about text being unlimited. but this about the users that don't want to pay for $29. they want to pay for 50 mins if thats is all they use. and if the use over 200 mins they can be billed at a different bracket. Its an idea.. asking to make that a reality.
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Not only that, but one thing a lot of customers like is knowing exactly what their bill is going to be every month. That way they can budget for it, and you don't get a surprise every time you open your bill. That and im sure it would be a logistical nightmare to set something like that up where everything on the plan is tiered. Hell, most people would lose their mind seeing something like that where if they send over 500 txts they would be paying $20.
I love this idea.. I am on the other side of the fence wanting more data. and not so much voice. I can understand that there are some people that just want voice but not wanting to pay for what they don't use. And not wanting to pay a lot in overages. I feel it