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Fix the picture messaging for Iphone users that dont want to use data!

  • 24 April 2013
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I dont have a data plan because it doesnt matter where i am i have wifi, so i always have my data disabled so that my data usage is strictly over wifi. The only way for me to receive picture messages is by turning my cellular data on, even if your on wifi it wont allow you to receive the pictures. However by turning on cellular data it also lets video messages come through, and now i got a $10 extra fee because someone sent me a couple video messages as well over text. I only turn the data on while i am on wifi just so i can get pictures but now i dont know if someone sent me a video message and i dont think i should have to tell people not to send me video messages so i dont get charged. Its a ridiculous thing to have to play around to get a picture message to begin with. Picture messages are free and part of my plan we shouldnt have to play games like this. Please find a solution thanks. Using Iphone 4s.

5 replies

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Use this (http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1466) to edit the APN to only include the MMS APN (http://koodomobile.com/en/ab/non-koodo-phone-data-setup.shtml). That will allow you to send/receive picture messages without incurring any additional data charges. In fact, data will be disabled completely on your phone if you successfully do it.
Use this (http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1466) to edit the APN to only include the MMS APN (http:/...i have the app downloaded but can not figure out how to edit the APN settings, if i get this figured out i owe you a pizza!
Use this (http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1466) to edit the APN to only include the MMS APN (http:/...i dont think this can work for iphone, the utility allows you to change apn settings, but there is no specific section for mms.
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Unfortunately PZABOY it's a fault of the HSPA network, while you aren't billed for the data used (to send and receive pictures), they require a data connection due to the fact they are essentially being sent through the internet. There isn't a way for Koodo to "fix" this for the iPhone as it is simply a disadvantage of the current network structure.