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First Time Forgiveness

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Maybe you underestimated your needs, or perhaps life circumstances suddenly changed along with your calling patterns? Either way, you likely didn't think about logging in to Koodo to check your usage (airtime, data, U.S. calling, etc.). Wouldn't it be great if instead of getting a whopper bill that would turn you off Koodo entirely, you got a bill that stated what the bill COULD have been, but then automatically granted you the appropriate add-on to take care of it? For instance, if you went over your daytime minutes, you paid $20 for the unlimited airtime instead of, say $100 more (which happened to me when my husband went in hospital)
I think this would do a lot to inspire customer loyalty! And it would help people figure out whether they need to upgrade to a different plan or choose an add-on to prevent it happening again. If possible, a friendly call would be a nice touch too, suggesting appropriate plans based on customer calling patterns. It would be one more thing to make me brag about Koodo!

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You can always contact Koodo's loyalty department and talk about what happened and see if Koodo can help you out. But in the end, you are responsible for your own usage. Koodo isn't going to babysit to make sure you don't go over because some people do go over on purpose because they need to use their phone more.