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First month of authorized bank payment - will it get paid?

Hi! I am a new monthly customer now. I've authorized direct debit to pay my bill from my bank account. My bill says that it needs to be paid by July 2. And my self serve says "Next pre-authorized payment date: July 2, 2015". Does this mean my bill will be paid on time? There doesn't seem to be anyway to tell the payment to take place sooner or on any particular date..... help?

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Hi Natty,

When you use a bank account to automatically take the funds from your account, it will take the funds on the due date of the bill. The bill will be paid on time, there is nothing to worry about.
Great! Thanks! Even the first month, I guess 🙂.
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I remember reading somewhere that the first month needs to be paid by yourself... https://c.getsatisfaction.com/koodo/topics/warn-the-customer-that-first-pre-authorized-payment-must-be-made-manually Maybe it has changed?
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Hi Natty, Robert is right! It takes a full month before preauthorized payments are effective. Simply pay the first bill using another method 🙂 Using a credit card is faster but you can do online banking as well (register Koodo as a payee using the 8-digits account number). Thank you and welcome to Koodo! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Okay, good to know. This is true even if it says "next authorized payment on July 2" which is the day my bill is due? If by chance I did double pay, though, I assume Koodo would apply the balance to the following month.
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Natty C wrote:

Okay, good to know. This is true even if it says "next authorized payment on July 2" which is the...

Hey Natty,

If, by chance, your bill was paid twice, the amount will go to your next payment. Also, if you'd like that amount reimbursed, you can contact our Payment Services (#227 from your Koodo number) and ask for a refund.

Have a nice day!

Paid! That was super easy to pay through my bank! I hope I don't pay twice this month. N