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First Billing...and new accumulated usages...After 5 PM calls included in "Airtime Consumption"

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Just noticed my first billing is in..Ohhh Boyyyy exciting!! :o) No issues with that but I see that the usage indicated from that date forward indicates that calls made after 5:00PM have been included in airtime minutes consumed to date...My plan clearly indicates free calls after 5:00PM...am I misinterpreting something or is this a problem for Customer Service?

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It should say $0.00 after it or is categorized in the "evenings/weekends" section. Mind showing us a screenshot with your personal details blocked?
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I see what you mean...these two call for example...both made after 5:00 PM and show up included on the page total at the bottom of the page...seems to me that these are included in airtime...They seem to be not charged for but included in cumulative airtime?

Page Total is indicated as 36 mi and included in this total are other calls made before 5...

Thanks Jonathan...what do you make of this...?
Time & Date
Nov. 12, 2015 at 17:26
From:xxx-xxx-xxxx XXX,ON

To: xxx-xxx-xxxx LOW,PQ

Duration (minutes) 24:00 Total $0.00 Long distance charges: $0.00 Local airtime charges: $0.00

Second one...

Time & Date
Nov. 12, 2015 at 17:25
From:xxx-xxx-xxxx WINCHESTER,ON

To: xxx-xxx-xxxx INCOMING,PQ

Duration (minutes) 1:00 Total $0.00 Long distance charges: $0.00 Local airtime charges: $0.00


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Hello Gregor.

Try taking a screenshot with the print screen option or the capture tool from windows!

As for your concern, they may be included in the total airtime, but were they deducted from the total airtime available on that month? Let's say you have 500 min. You made 30 min before 5PM and 20 after. Your total may show 50 min but you may have 470 minutes left. You se what I mean?
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Thanks Robert...thanks Jonathan......I get it ....been watching it and yes, there's a deduction of the after-hours and free time slots...so the tally indicated is only the time used during the chargeable time slots. Got it!
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Happy it helped you. Have a nice day