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First bill overcharged?

  • 14 June 2021
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I signed up for Koodo (first time) earlier this month for the 3GB/month and unlimited call & text in Canada plan, which is $45/month. I bought a new phone too, and I’m paying monthly for it, which brings the total to $70/month. I know the first bill should be more than normal, but I’m a little concerned with how much it is.

I got a text today saying I owe $142.92 for my first bill. My monthly charges are $92.88, the usage is $18.60 and the partial charge is $15.00.

I don’t understand this, and frankly the monthly charges and usage concerns me the most. I’m paying for unlimited text & call. I’m also paying for data, which I only used 700MB out of 3GB this period, so I’m not paying extra. Why am I being charged for usage? And why’s my monthly charged so high?

I should mention I got a new phone number along with the new phone itself. I cancelled my old number (and plan) prior to getting it. I’ve already paid off my bill for the old company. 

4 replies

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What do you see for usage charges specifically in your bill? Is there any calls being charged? Anything it says moee specifically page 3 onwards?

Thank-you for your response!

So, I found my billing details just now :sweat_smile: It shows I got charged $18 for a 30 minute call. I think that was from my aunt because she’s long distance, but I thought I was paying for Canada wide calling.


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So, did you receive a call from your aunt? Or you called her?

Does she have a Canadian number or US number?

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@xDiannax US and international calls indeed are extra charges.  However you can lower the rates by a lot. Take a look at the options here. Depending on the frequency you may choose the $3 add-on for $0.05 a min to the US or the unlimited calls for $15 a month.