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First bill again, i know i know!!!

I understand that i get charged for next month's bill In advance plus the days until your billing cycle starts when you sign up the first time. Now, i signed up on dec 18th and my billing cycle started on dec 27th, i paid my first bill for dec 27th-jan27th in advance plus the 9 extra days. The next bill i receive should've been for jan 27th- feb27th considering the advance payment thing, but on the new bill it says it's for dec27-jan 27 again? So do i pay for the previous month again or am i paying for the next month, i don't understand this. I am so confused.

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If you see dec.27-Jan27 again it would be the overage charges for that time. SInce it was billed 1 month in advance, the overage charges wouldnt have been recorded until after the month
I have unlimited texting and talking on my plan so why overage charges? I made like 2-3 local calls the entire month.
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He's only speculating. Look at page 3. It will explain. Could have been data use.