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I just received my first bill from Koodo for 4 days of service. It was $186 and change. Not only is this higher than the monthly amount we agreed upon, but it also seems like a lot for not 4 days of service. Is this normal? Will this be evened out on my next monthly bill? Many thanks!

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What plan do you have? Did you buy your phone on Tab too?
It's a $60 plan (x2) with a tab charge of $15 (X1 phone only, my husband brought his existing phone over from Telus because he liked it)
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did you do an early upgrade? Maybe part of this is an Early Upgrade Fee (Remaining Tab Cost from your previous phone)?
No, I'm a brand new customer to Koodo
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Pro-ration might be the cause of your high bill. Here's everything you need to know about your first-bill or pro-ration. Take a look at this video hoping it will make you understand

Source: http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill

Here's a PDF of what your first bill may look like : http://koodomobile.com/samplebill.pdf

If you have any other question, fell free to ask them
This is perfect - I get it now. Thank you!