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I set up preauthorized, but I don't know how to pay first bill. I didn't set up my credit card because my credit card is international card. should I go to the store or I should wait? Spending Limit Program Minimum payment amount: $39.02 Current balance Outstanding bill amount: $39.02 Charges since your last bill: $45.04 Total $84.06 (Notes: These figures are approximate only). What is charges since your last bill? This is April's bill. Please help me.

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Your first bill has proration on it - it is basically 5 weeks of charges (assuming that this is your first bill. (1 week, and then one month in advance - all of Koodo's bills are one month in advance). This sounds like 2 bills to me. The best thing to do is to look at your self serve account (which will show the same details that customer service will have. If self serve is not set up with your email address then the best thing to do is to call self serve and get this set up (be by a computer while you are talking to them to make sure that you are able to set it up and that it does work, while they are still on the phone with you. At the same time, they will be able to explain your bill in detail to you. Also, they can register your credit card for you (even though it is international) - so you know it can take 6-8 weeks to actually be registered on the account. You can always pay through your bank account, or even set up direct debit, where it comes out of your bank account at a certain time every month.
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IF you're paying with international credit card, you have to call in to have it registered.