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first bill

I forgot to pay my first bill sooner... my bill is due tomorrow. but I did pay it today but I did pay it today online. but I think it might take a day or two for it to go through not sure... will my phone be cancelled if it doesn't go to tomorrow and will I get charged more

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The collection treatment depends on your credit rating, if your credit is very good and you forgot to pay your bill before your billing cycle closes, chances are that the suspension will happen lots of days after your account falls into delinquency status, but if the credit rating is bad (let's say you are eligible for the services but not for the TAB) then the collection treatment will be shorter and the account will be suspended just a couple of days after your account falls into delinquency status... On your case, if you paid today and your bill is due tomorrow, I will say you don't have anything to worry about since the due date is always 5 days before your billing cycle closes, there is a huge chance that the payment goes through before the billing cycle closes... Just like Ahmad and Sophia suggested, you can always call to report the payment and remember that if ever you have issues with your payment, it is better to let Koodo know so we can protect your account...
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Aww Norb, what I suggest you do tomorrow is call Koodo and ask if the payment went through. If not, they might ask for proof (not sure, hopefully others know more about this?). You [i]did pay in time so I can't imagine them getting nasty about that 🙂
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I would call Koodo at *611 to report the payment to avoid having your service suspended.