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Finishing my cell phone service

I called Kodoo last week to have my kodoo service cancelled because I'm not in canada anymore and they told me that they would send me a bill on July 13th with all the expenses, including the cell phone cost. but, they didn't send me any bill. how can i know if my service is cancelled? Now, I just have the bill of the last month. should I pay just that one? Thanks folks

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What day does your billing cycle end? It typically takes 3-5 days after the end of the billing cycle ends for the bill to be processed, then another 7-10 days for the bill to be delivered after it's mailed out.
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The final bill is always a paper bill, which would have to be mailed to you, so it wouldn't arrive today as there's no mail. Did your billing cycles end on the 13th of every month? The Koodo rep might have meant that, and if that's the case it will be a few days to print off and mail the bill to you.
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Hi there Ricardo... During the last days some billing cycles have experienced delays in receiving the bills... If you are not able to call Koodo since you are outside of Canada, you can log into your Self Service account and send a secured e-mail to have answers about your account...
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Hey Ricardo, just to add in some additional information, your Self Serve accuont is active for 90 days after your account is canceled. So even though you are out of Canada, you can still log in to check your final bill. You will be able to confirm the cancelation of the account because your outstanding tab balance will be billed out(if you have an outstanding tab balance). ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.