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Final payment before cancellation: international VISA

  • 21 December 2016
  • 3 replies

Hello! I am leaving the country tomorrow for good and would like to pay my latest bill. I have no money left on my Debit Card though, therefore I need to pay with my VISA. I do not like the customer support available by call as I always end up waiting for a lifetime to reach somebody. And the machine voice cannot help me at all. Self Support is not accessible at the moment, at least for me. I just want to have this off my mind when I get on the plane. Please help!

3 replies

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I'm sorry Lovis, you have no choice but to call Koodo to cancel... there is no other way I'm afraid. In order to cancel today, you will have to reach them and still pay your final bill. Happy travels to your new country!
You could always try a kiosk in the mall to pay your bill
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Hi Lovis ! You can find all  the accepted methods of payment on this page:

Please note that when you cancel your account, you have a final bill at the end of the billing cycle (You can login to your Self-Serve up to 90 days after cancellation). 

Keep us posted !