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Final bill, not prorated

My billing period is on the 16th of every month. I did a transfer of ownership on the 22nd of Dec and my bill which came out 16th Dec will obviously charge me from 17th Dec to 16th Jan because there was no way the system would know that I will be doing a TOW on 22nd Dec. My question is will I receive a credit on my next bill as I didn't use the services from the 22nd Dec 14 to 16th Jan 15 and was billed for them.

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Hmm, my guess is that you pay for the whole month even if you don't use it! But if you want to make sure, I'd call Koodo!

All the other providers (Bell, Rogers,Telus) prorate the final bill as its a requirement by CRTC. Below is the link for Bell. http://support.bell.ca/Mobility/Do_I_have_to_pay_for_the_full_month_if_I_cancel_my_Bell_Mobility_service Koodo says they don't prorate. Wondering why ?