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okay so can koodo get some friigen non accent people working there phones cuz there is absolutly no point in trying to talk to someone u cant understand with a bunch of friggen background sounds going on ffs! better yet how about not frigging my bill up every god damn month. plus over charging me

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Jessica, please don't insult people's accents. Also as for the problem, have you checked page 3 of your bill to see where the charges are coming from?
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Jessica, your sound like an obnoxious and foul human being. Don't like accents? Get out of the cultural melting pot that is Canada!!! 🙂
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And if you learned how to use your plan properly maybe you wouldn't be getting, how you said it, "overcharged" every month 😛
I only liked your comment because people like you that get a little worked up are why people like me get treated the way we do. You are a customer and are frustrated but if actually really listen say nicely im sorry but I can not understand you they would have transeferred you....patience would have helped
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I hope your spoken English is better than your written. Those in glass houses should not throw stones....