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Family Plan!?

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Why is the Koodo family plan not share-able minutes and data?! Why we have to choose two separate plans and only can call people in the family free. It should be one plan and many lines using the single plan?

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Unfortunately at this moment, Koodo does not have any family plans. However, you can link your accounts into 1 account so that you have unlimited Canada wide family calling between your loved ones. This is the only "family" related feature that is offered at this moment.
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I wish, Andy! As John said it's not offered at this moment, but your idea makes perfect sense. One "vote" from me 😃 The only difficulty I see offhand would be for families where everyone contributes towards the bill... each member can view their own plan. IF (big if) this was ever implemented, it should be optional I think.
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This has been brought up before: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/christmas_family_plan_needed If enough people give this idea a star Koodo might go from considering the idea to planning it. Though many say that family plans are too complicated and that they lead to one family member eating up all the minutes and/or data and leaving nothing for anyone else.
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I don't like to share. 🙂 We tried in the past and someone always would take more minutes or data than their fair share, leaving the rest of us short. Sorry, you won't get my vote on this one.
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Ahh, I love koodo, its just that it may be too expensive for families to sign up for the each different line and some people may use more minutes or data over others.
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Few Canadian carriers offer shared anything these days. Plus shared plans aren't usually cheaper either. For example Telus charges at least $43 ($63 if you want more than 150 mb) to have shared data. No shared minutes on the plans that don't have unlimited. Another good example is the US structure. Take Verizon for example (since they may be entering our market). I'm going with smart phones since you included data in your original post. It costs $40 per phone ($30 for non smart phones) simply to have access to the shared features ($160 right there for a family of four), Then data ranges from $50 - $90. Say the family opts for 1 Gig of shared data. You then are paying $210 for unlimited mins, unlimited text, and 1 gig shared (so 250 mb each). For the below comparison note that Verizon offers 4 gigs for $70 so $230 total, or $90 for 8 gigs making it $250. Koodo's (Currently) has a plan for $50 with 600 mins, and a gig of data as well as $60 for unlimited mins and 2 gigs of data. Even if everyone went with the $60 plan (for a $240 total) you'ld be better off IMO as everyone would get two gigs of data. IMO Share plans (at least at current prices) are not worth it at all, you end up paying more, and, if unlimited mins aren't included, you have to worry more about people using more than their fare share of mins/data. Could this be revolutionized, sure. But the way they are set up right now they don't actually do many people any favours.