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Family calling with prepaid and monthly plan?

My parents are getting cellphones, they will be on the same account. Can my dad use prepaid and my mum a monthly plan and they could still talk to each other for free?

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No 😞 they would both need to have lines under the same postpaid (monthly) account.
I thought so, but when I called Koodo a representative told me it was possible if the phone number for the prepaid was under the monthly plan account. how to transfer that prepaid number to the monthly account? what if for the first month they both have a monthly plan, then my dad cancels and uses his current number for a prepaid plan?
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How can your mom and dad be on the same account with one prepaid and the other monthly? The reason I ask is because these 2 services are on 2 different systems so it's not possible to have what you're describing. If they're both monthly plans on ONE account, yes they can talk to each other without using minutes. With prepaid you only have ONE number per account.