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Fake charges in bill... FIX IT NOW

Hi there.. i am very upset and frustrated with your billing. Because you give me fake charges every month. I have paid first time, second time and now it seems like you think I am a fool and so every other month you keep charging me fake amounts. My monthly plan is for $25 + $3 taxes. Every other month you send me a bill of $33.60, saying that I have used data. I didnt check before the details of data usage, but this time I was so upset, so I went in and check. The timing of the data have been used are impossible to be me because I know my schedule. Secondly why would i just use only 0.02 or 0.07mb data every month???!!! I know that I do not have data in this phone and I NEVER use data from this phone because I have my tablet. I just use this phone to to make calls. This is really absurd and very poor customer services and also untrustworthy of you!!! I want it to be resolved and I want to hear back from the manager ASAP.

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Alright dude, calm down. These aren't fake charges, they are real...but you have to understand why. Since you've seen that it's a tiny amount of data, it sounds like even if you turn it on for a second to send an MMS or something, there can be a small update to the weather, an email can come through, etc. I recommend a data block, which is free. That way there's no way anything can get through. The stipulation is you can't send picture texts anymore. The system is automatically billing you because it is a computer that sees a phone is using data. It's not like there's some random guy or jealous ex girlfriend maliciously adding these charges to your account and laughing maniacally. You will probably have to call customer service and CALMLY explain the situation to an agent so they can help you resolve it. We're customers just like you.
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Jonathan was quicker than I but he is 100% correct. And remember this is an open forum and the vast majority of us are simply customers just like you.
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Also, your Community account isn't tied to your Koodo account, so the most a manager could do is e-mail you eventually. You are better off calling in. 611 from your Koodo phone or:

Hi all, Thank you all so much for your replies. I thought it was a way to contact Koodo people.. I just realized that its just a forum of customers..!! My was directed to this page but I was initially writing this message in an option in a koodo website. My intention was completely to send this message to koodo customer services. I wasn't trying to disturb other customers, neither was i rating or reviewing my opinion on services of koodo with others. but thanks for your suggestions and i will call them. thanks
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Quick comment.. If that message was supposed to be for Koodo customer services.. Be glad it didn't go there 🙂 calm is always better 😉 put yourself in the customer service agent's shoes! We're all human 🙂