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extra data charge

i have been charged 12$ for data, when only 3.9 mg has been used,,the price says 5$ for 25meg, why was i charged this?

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Go to Self Serve and see your Detailed Billing online. It describes all of your billing in great details and you can see what the charges are.
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Hey Rose, it sounds like you are under an older rate plan. Up until December/January, our pay per use data charges were $15 for the first 5 MB the $0.05/mb after that. The new rate plans have an updated pay per use data charge like what you listed. If you don't want to encure any pay per use data charges, we recommend you keep your mobile data turned off. This will prevent the use of picture messaging though. Alternately, you can upgrade to a new rate plan which may be better than what you have right now. We can't tell on here, you'd have to review your rate plan and compare the usage to the new rate plans we have to see if it would be a better fit for you 🙂.