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extra charges??

My plan is only $65.00 why am I getting charged $93.79?

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This is a public forum. Noone can actually look into your account and tell you, so unless you can give us more information (make sure you don't share private/confidential info) we can't really tell you what might have happened. My guess though: 1. Proration 2. Tab Contribution 3. Tax All of which should have been explained to you by the sales person in person or through documentation. Watch this video, it will help you understand: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XlXFWWepQ20&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DXlXFWWepQ20 In fact watch all of them. They are all helpful
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It's either proration or overages. If its your first bill or you recently changed your plan your bill is prorated. If it's not either of those check the last page of your bill and see if you went over your allowed data or talk time Minutes. If you have a medium or large tab then there would also be a tab charge or $5 for medium Tab or $10 for a large tab per month for the next 2 years or until the tab is paid in full whichever comes sooner.
my plan is $60.00 with a medium tab $5 ,plus taxes comes to $73.45.Its my first bill too.
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revid64 . wrote:

my plan is $60.00 with a medium tab $5 ,plus taxes comes to $73.45.Its my first bill too.

So it's just like what Paul said. It's proration. Try actually looking at page 3 of your bill. That will display your charges.
ok just found out there was a partial charge for 10 days.thanks guys