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Extra "accrual" charges???

I just got my first bill after switching to Koodo. Everything on the bill looks fine except for one extra charge that I was NOT told would be there, which is a $7.77 "accrual" charge. This is not my tab, which I see on there already for $5 (I went with the medium tab). It's also not the pro-rated extra days before the official billing cycle, that's all fine too. This was unexpected and I had to sleuth around to see why my bill was so high, and found this extra accrual charge hiding under the $5 tab charge. I've just switched to Koodo from Rogers after having nothing but problems with them charging me so much for everything, and I asked the Koodo employee to go over exactly how much I would be paying on both the first bill and the regular bills after, and this $7.77 was never mentioned. Can anyone explain what this is?

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Can you screenshot and post the 3rd page of your bill (minus your personals) and I'm pretty sure some of us here can give you a possible answer. Koodo is pretty good so if it's indeed an error they will look after it.
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Would 7.77 happen to be 15% of your monthly bill before taxes? If so, it's the amount that Koodo contributes toward your tab balance.