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Excellent Customer Service - making miracles happen this Christmas!

Struggling with long-term unemployment, I switched from Rogers to Koodo. Specifically asking for certain things in my plan to avoid over-charging. My last few bills did not reflect that, especially my last bill. I was beyond crushed at the amount I saw, and couldn't understand why I was getting charged for something I specifically asked not to get charged for. Called customer service, had the honour of speaking to Siegfried and he helped me work things out. I literally broke down crying after I hung up with him. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in a long time. Being with Rogers for all my life, I will say that Koodo's customer service, their empathy, and their excellent manners has exceeded my expectations. I wish I could send Siegfried a.gift, if someone reads this, maybe a Christmas bonus is in order. I currently volunteer with a non-profit org to alleviate hunger and poverty in the GTA, my phone works over time with me. With the holidays approaching fast, I don't know what I would have done if I had to disconnect my phone. Thanks to Siegfried & Koodo, many families will be getting food on their tables through the holidays. My gratitude can't be expressed in words. I'm very touched, Thank You. (To learn more about the organization I'm with seekershub.org/works/ )

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this is a very nice post Sulayama it almost made me cry. im glad your issue was resolved just in time for this christams holiday Happy holidays Cheers
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Hi Sulayma, thanks for your great feedback! We'll make sure to forward your nice post to Siegfried and his manager 🙂 We are glad to read that everything is resolved now and we wish you a good day!