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Enhancing Self Service Site

It is not useful to call all service providers to remove my subscription from services or go to Koodo store to do so, I suggest to have this added in the self service site.

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What subscriptions? Generally you can just respond 'STOP' and those services should be cancelled.
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Do you mean cancel your service from Koodo or a subscription your being billed for?
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As they are not provided by Koodo I don't think this is practical. That said, how about an "option" to disable/enable these subscription services for a given phone number? When someone subscribes to one of these services that costs money, the provider has to check with Koodo to see if it is a valid and billable number and Koodo could say no (if instructed to do so)?
I get in my bill something called paid service, I didn't subscribe to any service, and I don't receive meaningless message, so I need to know what I'm subscribed to in order to stop it, but that is not clear in the self service.