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Easy Roam FAQ's mention possible double billing - US and Intl

Easy Roam FAQ's near bottom of page https://www.koodomobile.com/help/easy-roam 
"[i]What happens if I have Easy Roam and I use my phone during a layover? Ex: I am travelling to Asia but have a layover in the U.S."
The answer seems to imply that both the US rate and the International rate would be added to your bill if you used your phone within a 24 hour period, firstly in the US, and then from an international destination. This can commonly occur if you call home to confirm your flight boarding in the US and a few hours later call to confirm your arrival at the destination airport.

[b]Suggestion: If within any 24 hour period, a US based call and an international based call are made, the entire 24 hour period would be billed at the higher rate. e.g $10/24-hour
This would stop the apparent double billing where a person could be charged $17 for a single day.

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Hello Gil, I..totally support your idea. It makes absolutely no sense to be charged 17$ juste because you make one call during a layover.
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That is indeed something I would love to push to have implemented. Great suggestion Gil! We will have to look at a little closer and think what unintended consequences this change might have on other use cases but will push the team to put this suggestion their radar. Thanks again!