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E-Bill download error

Hello I cant download my july 2014 e-bill for others month e-bill show up But for july the website redirect to https://selfserveaccount.koodomobile.com/my-account/billing/bill_summary?bill_download_error=true&bill_download_http_code=0 without any error. Thank you for your help

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Hi Manh, It is working fine for me, try deleting your browser's cache and cookies and restart the browser. If the issue persists, then try using a different browser.
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Hey Manh, Our new website is optimized for Chrome (http://koo.do/1KAU1Yu) Firefox (http://koo.do/1HZeExD) & Internet Explorer (Installed by default on PC). You can follow Mathieu's suggestions and give it another try with the latest version of one of these browsers. If you need further assistance, please use this secure link: http://koo.do/11eMLdy to email us (select "Social Media" and don't forget to log into Self Serve). We'll take it from there. Enjoy your weekend! ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
hey i tried with internet explorer and firefox no luck. i was able to get it from the mobile version of the website Thank you for your help