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duplicate charges after my phone number was changed

  • 30 August 2019
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Very frustrating experience with Koodo's charges and it's incompetent Customer Service.
I've added a new line and shortly after noticed on my bill a duplicate charge on the same line, for my old and new phone number. Spent over an hour with CSR, completely unqualified, who told me that it is some kind of partial charges...requested to talk to the management team, who finally explained that duplicate charge was caused because the phone number was changed on the day my new cycle started, which means that my new and old number were billed for the full month. Unfortunately the system did not apply a credit after the invoice has been generated. Can I expect an adjustment on my bill on line in couple of days, or do I have to wait for the automatic adjustment to appear on my next invoice? On top of all this, noticed that my other line's plan has been increased by $3 without any notification!
any suggestions? pls help!

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Ill bring to Koodo attention to be able to look into it for you further