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double excess charges?

LD charges PLUS airtime? my wife exceeded her 150 minutes of weekday airtime. excess charges are .45 per minute airtime plus .45 per minute LD. the Koodo plans only talk about excess airtime as additional costs. no mention of LD on top of that. BTW, this is calling within Ontario, not U.S, or International. is this right? even when I view the extra charges as explained on the website, I see no mention of paying both charges. very misleading and a bit disappointing. love Koodo and recommend it to everyone. but .90 per minute? funny thing is the last call charged, coming in at almost $13.00 was from me advising a friend to consolidate their Bell cell phones with Koodo. how ironic.

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Hi Gregg, Does your wife have a Canada-wide plan? If not, then when you exceed your allotted minutes, then you will be charged excess airtime. If the call is also long distance, then you will also be charged a long distance rate. If it is a Canada-wide plan, and the call was made to another Canadian number, then there should be no LD charges. Call Koodo to correct those charges.
thank you. yes, she does have the Canada-wide plan. I will talk to Koodo. it was quite a shock.