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Double Charged Tab Balance

  • 29 October 2020
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In September I bought a new phone on a tab with a new plan. I paid off my previous tab then and there because I couldn't get a new tab with a balance owing. I also had a bill in play to pay that had tab charges and therefore when it went through, I was going to receive a $15 credit on my next bill because I paid too much.  

So next bill is here and I am seeing $15 for my old tab, $4 for my new tab, $30 for a "Tab payoff upgrade" which i have no idea what it is plus also seeing a $15 credit showing that I already paid too much for my previous tab. 

Why do I have all these extra tab charges on my bill? You can see below on the 17th of September i was issued $15 adjustment and on the bill below you can see the -$15 to bring forward because tab already paid off. 


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1 reply

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You had 2 months left on your tab ($15/month x2).

You decided to get a new phone so you had to pay off the remaining months ($30).


On your next bill you had:

$30 remaining tab

$4 new tab


$15 old tab (what you were paying before)

-$15 old tab credit (because you chose to pay the tab off early they’re crediting the monthly fee that the system had automatically put on bill. If you hadn’t have paid off the tab, you wouldn’t see this credit and it would’ve kept charging $15)