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Double billed new home phone

Anyone else get double billed for the new home phone service? An hour wait time on the phone to speak to a human. Got billed for December 25-January 24 for $20-15 for $5 total, then got billed on same bill for Dec 30 to Kan 24 for partial at $16.67 (no discount). Is this a glitch they're fixing?

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No. The first (partial) month is not discounted. The following months, all billed in advance will receive the discount. There was an error in the email / text notifications sent where the upcoming month was named incorrectly. So you should have been billed for the partial month Dec 30 - Jan 24, and the full month should have been Jan 25 - Feb 24, but seems it was mis-dated on the notification. If you look at your detailed PDF bill on self-serve, it should show the correct dates.