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Don't all the plans have 500 anytime minutes?

My latest bill has charged me for minutes over 150. When I check my plan on self serve, it does show only 150. I thought all the plans have 500 anytime minutes now and that I would 'automatically' receive that. My plan is the Canada-wide Data Plan ($50/month) - first time this has happened and I've been with Koodo for quite awhile (2+years) - granted I've likely never gone over the 150 anytime minutes - still though it's doubled my bill this month! Would appreciate any assistance/advice y'all are willing to give - thanks!

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That's your first mistake, assuming what all plans have. It's your job as a consumer to research the information so you are well informed. The older Canada Wide Data Plan $50 only has 150 minutes of airtime, which is most likely the one that you are on. You would need to update your rate plan to the new one to take advantage of the 500 minutes. Your bill will also show you as to how much air time your rate plan will include.
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I remember that Canada-wide Data plan for $50. It was available about a year ago... It had 150 minutes, E/W unlimited at 7, texting, CD/VM, and 1GB of data, right? Didn't last very long, though. The plans have changed since then. You are incorrect in assuming every plan has 500 minutes - especially if you look at the website - and if you want one of the newer plans, you have to switch to them. Koodo won't change anything unless you ask for it. Yes, the newer $50 data plan has 500 minutes/500 MB with all the fixins', but you actually need to switch to it. I'm sorry this happened to you. You can call customer service and see what they'll help you out with but there's no guarantees. Good luck!
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Well, if all the plans had 500 minutes, I would have picked the one for $20. 🙂 It would be helpful for you to download the koodo app on your phone. You would have seen easily how many minutes you have used. It also tracks data use and texts. http://help.koodomobile.com/self-serve/self-serve-app
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You need to change your plan manually. Get your 500 minutes right now! Go to your self server account. Click on Plan and look for change plan. Click on it and change the plan immediately. There are there but you need to select it first!