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Doesn't new customers matter to Koodo- Charges for everything and they don't follow up with concerns

I signed up with Koodo in August and my data charges and call forwarding charges are crazy!! Why is Koodo charging call fowarding airtime if it's a local call.  Koodo is the only company that does this not everyone wants a hot phone attached to there brain when there home.  Also if the data on your phone is over why doesnt the plan automatically roll over to the next bucket.  Another sign of poor service

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Koodo does charge for pay per use call forwarding but they also offer a forwarding add on that sets a flat rate instead so it is less expensive.

Data buckets are included in your plan and each bucket has an overage rate. That overage rate is what you'll pay when you go over your data bucket.

If your plan doesn't have a data bucket then you're on pay per use data which can be rather expensive.

If you find yourself with data overages monthly then you're on the wrong plan and should change to one that fits your needs better.

Check self serve for the add on call forwarding. Oh and Fido, Virgin, and Bell also charge for call forwarding.

Makes sense what your saying but understanding is the key.  If you were new to something wouldn't you want someone to educate you about the product?... For ex. when I call in about a unrelated issue, wouldn't good customer service from Koodo be to tell the cx ."Mr or Mrs customer I see that you are new to Koodo and you are being charged for call fowarding for xx did you know we offer xx for this amount to lower your cost. For data same thing I see your spending this a month maybe you should try this plan.   As much as Rogers and Wind gets to me they always take the time to know there customer and their habits.  The banks are the same thing, yes Koodo is in the business to make money however sometimes customers should come first.  I work for a large company and I already told 10 people about Koodo  
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Denise Lawrence wrote:

Makes sense what your saying but understanding is the key.  If you were new to something wou...

Well yes I agree with you partially but you only started in August and we're only in September so you really don't have a big enough useage history for Koodo to jump in I MO. That being said, the responsibility is yours to understand how the things you're paying for work and how they may impact you if you decide to use them. The information is available on their website and in printed materials at the kiosk. Rogers has one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings by the way and at one point in the last three years was ranked at the bottom. And Wind is fantastic as long as you're within their coverage area, if you're not, there are fees for using their services outside of those zones. And I wasn't too pleased with their roaming agreement when I got cut off for making too many short calls.