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Does Unlimited Incoming Minutes Add-On make up for overages in Airtime Minutes?

Does the Koodo Add-on for unlimited incoming calls for that month make up for any overages in airtime minutes incurred previously in that same month?

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No it does not. It only affects all calls since the add-on has been added to your account.
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Unfortunately there is no way to make up for thise minutes. Next time pat a closer look to your usage! Also, therésnbeen a suggested idea to alert when aomeone reaches 90% of the usage (mimutes) like in data usage. You could seaech it and gove it a +1
Thank you for your replies. Alerts would be a great idea; the problem without it is, even if one checks online, it's only updated every 24 hours so it can still be hard to tell how many minutes the user really has left. I believe this may be the post which suggested alerts at 90% airtime usage: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/alert_message_on_monthly_daytime_minutes_usage