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Does the seasonal hold plan count as "service" ?

Hi, I recently signed up with Koodo and in the process received a.gift card of $100 from a rep at the mall for signing up. Now I'm having second thoughts about a postpaid connection and was wondering what would happen if I were to convert to prepaid ? The terms of my contract state that, any.gifts given to me are mine to keep after 90 days of being a Koodo customer, and that if I cancel service or convert to postpaid within that 90 days, I will have to return the.gifts. Question is if I put my plan on seasonal hold for 90 days, and then cancel, would that count towards the 90 days restriction on my contract or does seasonal hold not count as "Service" and I would have to forfeit the.gift card? Please advise.

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The seasonal hold does count as service. You still have to pay for the seasonal plan and your tab however during that time (if any)
Thanks. Appreciate the quick reply!
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Seasonal hold = paying $15 per month and having a nice paperweight.

Consider one of the more basic plans at $25 or $29 per month and at least have something to show for it. You will at least gain a few month's experience of what your real consumption is likely to be and will be in a better position to make an informed decision a few months down the road.
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May I ask why you are having doubts with postpaid?