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Does the new plan take action immediatly?

I went over my voice limit this month, but about halfway through the month, I changed my plan for the double minutes one. I'd like to know if I will be charged for the minutes or will the new plan takes action immediatly?

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The minutes will be prorated for the time frame you had each of the plans. The new plan will not cover the minutes you've used in the previous plan.
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Whenever you do a change on Self Serve, it will take effect right away... Plan change can't be future dated on Self Serve... On the other hand, if you are already over the minutes, you will see that on the next bill...
the plan will change immediately but the bill will be between the two plans, as well, the self service will not be updated until the new bill time is active
If you are over your minutes, it is worse to change the plan in the middle of the month since you will go over your minutes even more. If you have 100 min and are at 150 min already, and change it to a 200 min plan midway in the month. You will only have 50 min instead of 100 from the previous plan which means you will be over by 100 min instead of 50 min, meaning 45$ instead of 22.50$ of overage. It could only be beneficial if you really need to use the phone a lot for the rest of the month and for the next following months as well.