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does talking use MB's?

If I go with the $50 per month talk and text plan do I have unlimited minutes of talking anywhere in Canada? I don't understand the row that says Canada-wide Calling 4 and Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling 5 then says under 0 MB, $0 per month. Does calling ever rack up MB's?? I'm confused about this...can someone explain, please. Thanks.

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Talking does NOT use MB. MB is only used when you are using any internet based service on your phone. (browsing, youtube, email, etc.) The unlimited family calling counts when you have more than one line on the same account. With the $50 plan, you will have unlimited talk time across Canada. As long as your phone is in Canada calling ANY Canadian number.
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Just one extra thing to add: if you use an app such as skype or facetime forr calling, then calls will use MB instead of minutes. These apps work this way because calls routed through the internet are exempt from long distance charges. Aside from this scenario, Tyler pretty much covered everything.