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Disgusting customer service

  • 28 August 2019
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First of all, I want to say I'm blown away. I dont know if it's because I was previously a PC Mobile customer who got transferred over so I am, in their eyes, "less valuable" but wow.

Today around 6PM, my phone plan had been cancelled without warning as I was a day late, so I try to pay the phone bill through the website...suddenly my phone number/account isnt even connected to Kodoo. So I call. The man on the line tells me their website has been shut down so there's no way for me to put in my payment. He tells me "Ill call back in 15 minutes." I try to explain to him that I am at work, Im calling on my own lunch and I don't have time to answer and if there's anyway I can just pay now it would be ideal.

Instead of offering any solutions, the man keeps saying "oh well ill call in 15 minutes." Again. I explain I am at WORK and have spent my lunch waiting for an answer. After no help, I say aloud "I'm considering leaving Kodoo, I've had nothing but bad service from you people" to which he replies "well we can help you cancel in about 15 minutes." This was your employees response to being told they're considering leaving because of poor customer service? Excuse me?

This man didn't listen, I explained over and over again I cant answer in 15 minutes and his only response was "we'll call you in 15 or at least try to text you."

TWO HOURS GO BY, no word from anyone. I try to call Kodoo again through their number Im given and am just redirected to PC Mobile and am told theyre closed for the night.

Is this seriously how you guys treat your customer's? Brushing them aside and forgetting about them? Im still unable to go into my account and pay it off, no word from Kodoo.

2 replies

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To hold you over at the very least you should be able to make a payment by dialing 611.
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Hey @Jacobrager - We would be more than happy to look into what may have happened. We were unable to locate your account, when you get a chance please send us a private Facebook message http://m.me/Koodo, referencing this thread so that we could gain access to your account. Thank you!