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Discount for multiple phones

I am about to get my daughter her first cell phone, this will put our family at 4 cell phones, 3 koodo monthly plan and one prepaid. It would be nice if there was some kind of savings to customers for having multiple plans with the same company. Yes I realize we get to talk to each other free but it would be great if there was some kind of pro-rated price for multiple plans. First ones the regular price and 10% off the second monthly plan price, 20% off the third etc or something like that. Just a little perk for getting all of your plans from the same company and having some loyalty. You're spending $100 a month the rebate would only be like $9-10 off which in the grand scheme of things isn't alot but it would be nice to save a little money and have some kind of perk for loyalty.

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Both Fido and Virgin do this (10% off all additional lines with postpaid). I totally agree, it should be there.