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Although I have normally been very happy with Koodo, I must say I was disappointed with my recent bill. I received a call from Koodo to see if I'd like to change my plan and in the end I decided to go to the new plan. I was then charged a $10 fee for the over the phone change. They have reversed the charge now but I feel it is dishonest to call a customer to offer an upgrade and then charge for the call without letting me know there would be an additional charge. Had I known this I would have changed it myself online as I normally do. With any other company there would never be a charge for such a call since the money is made back in the more expensive plan that I switched to. Again, disappointed Koodo!

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Valid point. I agree 100% Hope it was just an honest mistake on the rep who called you
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Hi Chris, this indeed looks like a mistake as you shouldn't have been charged, and we wish to apologize for that. Would you mind sending us an email? That way we'll have access to your account and we can share this information for coaching purposes. You can use this link http://koo.do/YqucV0 (select "Social Media" as a category). Thank you very much! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.