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Details of Airtime

On going thru my koodo self service, I did notice that the airtime meter displayes the calls that are made during the peak hours and the balance minutes remaining for the plan adopted ONLY. The list shows all activity and over 15 minute calls only with page totals. This was discussed with the Koodo rep on facebook and I was requested to put it as an idea in the community.


To reconcile the Airtime meter with the item-wise list of calls made during the billing cycle.


Airtime meter to show all calls seggregated into :

1. Under the plan  > Usage/Limit
2. Long Distance  > Usage / Limit
3. Free calls or exempt from the limits

[b]List to show:

1. Item-wise break up of the calls made under each of the items cited above.
2. Grand Total under each list along with page totals.
3. Print to PDF facility

I believe this would help in tracking usage minutes under the plan and add-ons.

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@Kesavan, if I understand correctly you are suggesting extra usage meter that breaks down minutes included plan, long distance etc.?

The vast majority of our customers are nationwide plans, meaning no long distance in Canada. The bill is already available in PDF format, although not in a way you suggested. Thanks for submitting you r very thorough idea!
Bernard wrote:

@Kesavan, if I understand correctly you are suggesting extra usage meter that breaks down ...

As you mentioned, the plans I'm quite sure are nationwide mostly, same as in my case, but a sizeable number of customers will have add-ons for other countries and currently we cant track it instantly. This is to reconcile usage without any major calculation issues.