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Detailed billing

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What happened to detailed billing where it broke down data usage, minutes used, etc. It was there last month and now it's gone this month.

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Like it or not, the new billing format doesn't show any details unless you've gone over your allotted use for that feature. Not too many customers (or agents, really) are happy about that change. But you can vote here http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/new_bill_format_needs_improvements and maybe Koodo will consider modifying the bill setup to include your usage.
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Hi Amada,
Thanks for the question. In trying to make our bill simpler we removed the usage totals you were used to seeing. We're happy to say that we've added the totals back onto our bills as it's only fair for you to see what you've used. You should see the changes on your next statement.